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Interesting Foot Facts


  • The Average person takes 10,000 steps per day, covering several miles and totalling 115,000 miles in a lifetime
  • 80% of foot, leg and low back pain in the general population can be accounted for by abnormal walking patterns
  • 75% of the population will experience foot health problems in their lives
  • Women have four times as many foot problems than men
  • The human foot is a highly specialized structure containing 26 relatively small bones, more than 150 ligaments and an intricate network of muscle
  • During a typical day, the feet endure a cumulative force of several hundred tons
  • 38% of workers suffer decreased productivity as a result of foot problems with 28% missing time
  • Many foot problems such as bunions and flat feet are hereditary. Have your children checked by one of our clinicians as a preventative measure


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