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What Others Are Saying

...The Peterborough Clinic welcomed Performance Orthotics to the clinic team in 2001. The relationship has proved to be beneficial for the clinic as well as our patients.

The Peterborough Clinic is the oldest continuously operating medical clinic in Canada, having been established in 1920. The Clinic prides itself on exceptional patient service. Performance Orthotics fits in perfectly with the model that has been created over our long clinical history. We are very selective when partnering with other companies to join our clinical team. Performance Orthotics has not only lived up to our high standards and expectations, but has far surpassed them.

The Peterborough Clinic also prides itself on being on the leading edge of medicine. The pressure mapping system that Performance Orthotics brings to the table is just that. Its effectiveness in determining the patient's problem by looking at the foot in motion and then building a custom orthotic from the scan is very impressive and very effective. The fact that they manufacture their own high quality orthotics is also a huge advantage as they have complete control from the beginning of the process to the end.

The educational seminars held by their Medical Director, Dr. Glen Copeland have increased the physician's knowledge of biomechanics and has better enabled the physician to diagnose their patient's lower extremity ailments. The educational aspect and expertise that Performance Orthotics brings to our clinic has increased the overall quality of the clinic. The physician's know that when they refer their patient's to Performance Orthotics, the patients will be thoroughly assessed and properly followed by their clinician, Kerri A. Ryan.

A key component to the Performance Lower Extremity Care Program is the continuous reporting that Kerri provides to the doctors in regards to their patients through the use of biomechanical reports. A large problem in patient referrals to external foot care clinics, prior to our partnership with Performance Orthotics, was the fact that the doctors rarely heard how their patients were doing. The ongoing patient care such as assessment and subsequent follow-up appointments are the other key aspects of the Program.

The Clinic highly recommends this program as it will benefit your practice as well as your patients.


Rory R. Petticrew, C.A.
Administrator, The Peterborough Clinic


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